Nic Alice Fuller

“Reserved, yet ready to be ridiculous at a moment’s notice.” That’s what they say about me.

I’m an Irish-American with genetically transferred Catholic guilt and a dream.

One day I’ll drive a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T 440, but right now I’m rocking a 99′ Ford Windstar that only has three hubcaps.

I market myself under the pen name Nic Alice Fuller because of how common place my birth name happens to be. Instead of being confused with Ms. America 1999 or the Texan lingerie football player I have branded my work under this literary double.

Welcome to my website. I like to keep things short and sweet so you’ll see I only have three pages.

I can’t tell a good story unless my readers can view me as an open book. Because of this, I feel it’s important for YOU to know ME. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and work as a professional storyteller. There are few things am I very sure about-they are as follows;

Three simple truths:

  1. Ireland is the homeland
  2. Sean Connery is James Bond
  3. Harry Potter can never be read or watched too many times

At the risk of being told I should hug a tree or knit myself a sweater, my political views can only be labeled as ‘karma’. I refuse to harm others and I expect the same in return. This leads to me to my intent: entertainment. As a child I was given hope and happiness through characters that were the embodiment of resilience and fantastical humor, which obligates me to give back what I was given. My intent is to entertain, to humor and to help. There are children and adults out there, who like me, need a coping method. There’s no better medicine then laughter.


How to Use this Site:


Engage Sir Take-a-seat and then call over Sir Sip-a-Lot. Decide if you would like to dance with Madam Read-too-much or Lady Read-too-little and then finally, choose Yay or Nay.

In plain English:

Grab a seat, a drink, and stay as long as you like. Hate it? Love it? Let me know.