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Science, my Way

No one ever awarded me anything in the way of Math and Science and that’s simply because I’m dead awful at both. At some point in my grade school career … Continue reading

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Hidden Gem

I found a flash drive in a box under my bed. Did that hook you? It doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? To me, finding an old notebook or flash … Continue reading

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The Evolution of My Writing

I’ve been writing books for a good handful of years. Perhaps my introduction into writing didn’t necessarily come about the same time my good sense did, but I managed to … Continue reading

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Professional Storyteller

My dreams have always been larger than life. I realize I haven’t been producing the sort of writing that will get me to the places I want to be. My … Continue reading

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Sexual Safety PSA

My midterm project for an Advanced Video Production class. Yes. I do own all of these action figures. Yes. I do have a boyfriend. Cheers.

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2 Guns

Marky Marky cracks a bunch of one liners in an action flick that is nothing more than an action flick. With random boob shots and nonchalant violence 2 Guns is … Continue reading

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Magic Happens

Magic is still happening. Just not in the way I had planned. Graduating from high school I thought I’d be going to a four year university for just that-four years. … Continue reading

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