Nic Alice Fuller

Who I Am

“Reserved, yet ready to be ridiculous at a moment’s notice.” A friend once described me in this way and I find it very fitting.

Authentic wit, enough love for everyone, dimples; that’s me.  You can call me Nikki. I’m an Irish-American with genetically transferred Catholic guilt and a wicked sense of humor. I’ve labeled myself as a Professional Storyteller because there is nothing I’d rather do than tell a good story or listen to one. I am a writer and a videographer, but most importantly I am an adventurer. When it comes to my calling I believe that the almighty God (Sean Connery) has told me to firstly go out and help others and secondly, give hope through entertainment. When I was younger television shows like ‘I Love Lucy’ and ‘M*A*S*H’ gave me hope through brilliantly told hilarious stories with strong characters; I’d like to produce documentaries and TV shows that positively influence future and current generations in the way that these shows influenced me.


Where I’m From

I hail from the Pacific Northwest which means I’m kin to the forest and rain and I’m not opposed to people doing IMG_4021what makes them happy. I’m a huge proponent of artist become self-creators and self-publishers, using their passion and drive to create and distribute art across the world. In this age, and very clearly in Seattle, you don’t need to pitch your ideas to a boardroom. You pitch to your gut, you collaborate with other artists.

I study at the most liberal school in America: The Evergreen State College, and will be graduating in 2016. Evergreen has allowed me to earn a Bachelor’s degree in the Arts while I research creative writing and film, something I didn’t find at oth1902877_10203971144173474_1482288794723537166_ner universities. Through this college I’ve been able to work full-time while learning how to become a Professional Storyteller. I’ve lived in Washington all of my life and I love it.  There is no other place on earth like Washington state; the deep green of the trees that surround my home, the smell of the pavement after it rains and the glory of Mt. Rainer in the morning. There is nothing better. The PNW is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’s home as soon as you land. It’s an open door that invites you to be you, no one else, and reminds you that you can be ever better after a cup of good coffee.

Where I Am

IMG_5176England. Scotland. Ireland. I packed one bag, picked up my camera and left Washington to go on the adventure of a lifetime. I’m making films, making friends, experiencing different cultures in each little pocket of the world. April and May see me living in London and studying at the Metropolitan Film School where I’ll be working on my Documentary production skills. Once I’m done in London I’ll be heading north to the University of Edinburgh for a short course on Film and Philosophy. I’ll also be attending the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Finally I’ll head to Belfast in July to start filming my documentary Echtrae. I want to be able to take in all of the UK and Eire that I can while I’m over there- this is the time of my life where I can pack up and go without leaving any true responsibilities hanging.

From April to August I’m living the life of a Wild Rover, taking inspiration from the adventures of Bilbo Baggins; one bag, throw away clothes, nothing that isn’t necessary. It doesn’t matter how I look, the only thing that matters is the adventure.

I left my home the day after I turned 21, I can’t tell you this isn’t a coming of age journey. However I’d like to think it’s much more. This is a journey ten years in the making.

2005: I film my sister's wedding shortly before heading to London. This photo foreshadows my adventures.

2005: I film my sister’s wedding shortly before heading to London. This photo foreshadows my adventures.

Where I’m Going

Following my undergraduate graduation I will be heading to grad school. Ideally I’ll be heading to Vancouver, BC to study at Simon Fraser or UBC, but I might just have to go farther and see more of the world. I would love to do part of my doctorate in Boston, Massachusetts, but my fortune hasn’t been told yet.  I want to retire as a professor after a long set of entertaining and educating through writing and film. The most important part of my career aspirations is that I’m able to give therapy through my art. If I can help one or one hundred it doesn’t matter, just as long as I make a positive difference in my community.

I’ve been told that future plans don’t normally make it, that there is no way to actually set your future in stone. I’m just going to roll with it. We will see. What happens happens.